Anzac day 2006 Collection
Phil Vardy & Doug Law going through phot
Russ Carter
Sep Owen & Trish Cassidy sharing a laugh
Ross & Beryl Singleton on her 84th birth
Peter Spencer
Peter Spencer chatting
L_R Jack John Penny Pam Julie Jen Jill M
Patrick Michael & Trish Cassidy & Tony M
Penny Griffiths speech
Mark Lax & Angela Bishop going thru phot
Munce 2
John McKenzie table
John McKenzie go through the photos
Joan Gray at the Glenmore Hotel 2006
Joan Gray and Trish Cassidy talking
John McKenzie & Penny Grifiths speech
Jill Lord photo
Jack Shipway speech_3 at Hotel
Jack Shipway speech_2 at Hotel
Glenmore Pub 2006
Jack Shipway speech at Hotel
Getting a copy of Alamein to the Alps by
Gerry Grimwade and granddaughter
Don Heath Penny Griffiths & Marion Heath
Doug Law & Tony Martin chatting
David Etheridge & Pam Antonios going thr
David Etheridge & his granddaughter Jess
Anzac Day 2006 front of March
Alan Vardy & Bruce Henderson
A_Tony Martin Melinda Griffiths Sarah Hu
Closeup Shipway McKenzie & Griffiths
A_Tony Martin and Sep owen being intervi
A_Phil Vardy Jack Shipway Patrick Unwin
A_Setting up Trish and her 2 sons
A_Patrick and Michael Cassiday
A_Patrick Cassidy son of Trish Cassidy
A_Phil Vardy & Doug Law
A_John & Charlotte MacMahon
TV 10 interview _6
A_Doug Law 459 Squadron
TV 10 interview_3
TV 10 interview Tony Martin
TV 10 Interview _5
TV 10 Interview _4
Trish Cassidy Joan Gray Doug Law and Jil
Trent Pam and Penny
Trent Griffiths Melva Lush & Jack Shipwa
TV 10 doing the interview from a distanc
Trish Cassiday & Joan Gray smiling
The banner
The March 2006
T Martin M Griffiths S Humphreys V & D W
Sep Owen speech_3 at Hotel
Sep Owen speech_2 at Hotel
Sep Owen speech at Hotel