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William "Bill" Barlow

459 RAAF Squadron

Service No. Unknown (RAF)

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Enlistment: Unknown

Date of Discharge: Unknown

Rank: Unknown

Date of Death: Aug 1996

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Bill Barlow's death in August 1996 was notified by his close friend, also RAF, Fred (Spike) Edmonds, who managed to get in touch with the Association through a Welsh 459 contact, now deceased.  Frank also had a link with the Association through his niece in Canberra.


Bill and Frank were two of the original founder members of the Squadron.  The latter has forwarded:


(1) A small very clear  photo (reproduced here) of the Banner all founder members received from the CO  (S.Ldr.Phil Howson) and the Padre at Burg El Arab. 


(2) Frank received and was thrilled with sample copies of some Bulletins sent to him in reply to his original letter.


(3) Very little information is available about Bill Barlow, and for that matter Frank Edmonds, but the photograph reproduced herein may jog some memories, and fellow 459 members may wish to share some factual information and their memories of a member who has passed away.

On leave in 'Alex' , left sitting Bill Barlow with

"Spike" Fred Edmonds

ME 109.  Most of these planes had run out of fuel. 

So destruction of Axis bound supplies was worthwhile

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