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Flight Lieutenant George Leon BARNARD

454 RAAF Squadron

Service Number: 263132

Date of Birth: 19 May 1909

Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Enlistment: Unknown

Date of Discharge: 11 Sep 1945

Rank: Flight Lieutenant

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Original Adjutant 454 Squadron from September 1942 at Aqir Palestine.  Led truck convoy to Qaitara Iraq (the Russians occupied 454's proposed Teheran base).  With Wing Commander Campbell as CO, helped mould mixed group RAF and RAAF ground and air crews and admin. staff into a sound Squadron team.  Remained Adj. until 454 moved from Berka 3 to Italy under W Commander Moore.


W Commander Jack Coates said: "As Adjutant and elder statesman (he was some ten years older than most of us),  George held the Squadron together while his CO went flying, and kept us straight about King's Regulations and the requirements of Group and ME HQ".


A first class organiser and mediator, George had the respect of all ranks.  Early reunions owed much to his organising ability.




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