Radar Technician Henry FLYNN

454 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 177798 (RCAF)

Date of Birth: 09 Mar 1917

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario

Date of Enlistment: 25 Jun 1942

Date of Discharge: 18 Oct 1945

Rank: Radar Technician

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The Following collections of photographs and memorabilia artifacts were generously posted to the Association by Henry Flynn's daughter Maureen.

The Association would like to express our thanks and appreciation for Maureen's valuable contribution. More of the  pictured documents are being scanned and will be posted shortly on the website.

The following history was provided by Flynn's daughter

Graduated form University of British Columbia in Feb 1943 (basic radio course)

Mar-July 1943, No. 31 Radio School, RAF Clinton, Ontario

  • Basic air ground RADAR

  • IFF


Graduated Sept. 1943 from the United States Naval Air Technical Training Center Ward Island, Texas. (just offshore from Corpus Christi)

  •  3cm air RADAR, 10cm air RADAR

  •  Altimeters, IFF


From Jan 1944 to Mid. 1944, joined 454 RAAF Squadron (Berka III Benghazi, Libya, North Africa)

  • ASV Mark II, Baltimore aircraft.

  • IFF

Mid. 1944 to Mar. 1945, joined  459 RAAF Squadron (Berka III Benghazi, Libya, North Africa)

  • ASV Mark II, IFF


March 1945 - Aug 1945, joined 107 M.U. RAF, Recovery and reconstruction of 3cm radars from damaged aircraft Canal Zone, Great Bitter Lake, Egypt

Aug. 1945 - Boarded the troop transport MV Britannia at Port Said for Liverpool England, then home to Canada.

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