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LAC Charles William GRIFFITH

454 RAAF Squadron

Service No: 26232

Date of Birth : 11 Jan 1915

Place of Birth : NORTH ADELAIDE, SA

Date of Enlistment: 15 Apr 1940

Date of Discharge: 26 Jan 1945

Rank: Leading Aircraftman

Date of Death: 20 Mar 2000

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Irene Griffith, the widow of Charles Griffith, who prepared the following tribute and forwarded the photographs.


“Charlie, my husband went away with 450 Squadron and was then posted to 454 Squadron. His rank was LAC, his mustering Driver Motor Transport.   Charlie joined the RAAF on 12th August,1940 and was discharged 28th September 1945, we were married on 8th December 1951 and Charlie passed away on 20th March 2000.”


When he spoke of the war it was mostly about the places he had seen. He told me about crossing an Italian field to find a notice on the other side, “Achtung Meinen: - Look out , Mines".  His guardian angel was with him that time. He spoke too of the Padre.  There were times when he was upset about not being able to save pilots from burning crashed planes.  When we saw anything about Iraq on TV or the newspapers he would say “I've been there”.  He also talked about Egypt and Italy, but he didn't speak much about the war or flying operations.   He was quite good picking up basic conversational remarks in foreign languages and would surprise people by talking to them to them in their own language.


Charlie found it hard to work indoors after the war.  After several jobs he settled down with Telecom working there for 28 years as a driver.   He had many illnesses over the years, but never complained.


I am enclosing a few photos. I am not sure if they are about his 450 or 454 postings as he hasn't indicated on the photos.


Irene Griffith Widow May 2000.

LAC Charlie Griffith and friend, RAAF, at Bari, Italy with Italian Carabineri beside an Australian Comforts Fund van (ACF) which supplied some clothing.

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