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Squadron Leader Frederick Warren MADSEN

459 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 404567

Date of Birth: 21 Feb 1913

Place of Birth: GOULBURN, NSW

Date of Enlistment: 11 Oct 1940

Date of Discharge: 22 Oct 1946

Rank: Squadron Leader

WW2 Honours and Gallantry: DFC

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Well known as "Mast-Head" Madsen.  Three Nav (Bs) - "Dooley" Powell, Eric Bedwell, Colin Coote, all now deceased. Two op tours 459.


First Tour

Ft Lt. Dep Flt Cmdr. during intensive and expensive mast-head shipping attacks to help prevent pre-Alamein Rommel drive from Tobruk.  Nine 459 crews, for example - 9.7.42, attacked convoy 3 MVs, 2DDs plus flak ships located by radar at dawn.  Madsen's DD target probably damaged.  Hudson shown unsuited to attack heavily defended naval vessels.  Successful for F-boats, small supply ships.  16 F-boats sunk for 5 crews lost.  1 F boat sunk by Madsen 9.8.42.


Instructional Tour 75 OTU Gianaclis

Second Tour

Second Op Tour 459 as Ldr Flt Cmdr-ranged E. Med., Aegean, Dodecanese. 



Airline Captain, teaching.  Now retired.

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