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Sergeant Thomas (Tom) MARRON

454 RAAF Squadron

Service Number 1306538 (RAFVR)

Date of Death: 8 Dec 1968 (48 years of age)


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  • Skipper     Reg Withers

  • Obs/Nav.   Bert Howill

  • WOP/AG    Doli Heath

  • AG            Tom Marron


The following information provided by June Marron (widow of Tom Marron).

On hearing the Prime Minister's speech on Sunday 3rd September 1939 about the ensuing war, Tom volunteered for the RAF, it was his 19th birthday.  He was subsequently called up in 1940 and after basic training at Blackpool was posted to RAF Swinderby, Lincolnshire.



Soon after, he was shipped overseas via South Africa.  Very little passed the censor's eye but he did write that he was playing  football for the Middle East Forces and that later he was listening to Dorothy Lamour singing "Moon over Burma".


On 25th July 1944 he was stationed at 13 AG School and then onto 70 OTU Shandor.  On 13th November 1944 he was a passenger via Cairo West -  Eladem, Malta and Naples to be crewed up with Reg Withers as his skipper to join 454 Squadron RAAF DAF. CMF.


I used to send them parcels of books, Life magazines etc. and Tom said that for awhile the "tent" was like a lending library, everyone starved of reading material.  At the disbandment of 454 Squadron he returned home after 4 1/2 years overseas service, 6 1/2 in total.


We were married Christmas 1945 but alas, Tom died on 8th December 1968, aged just 48.  Maybe someone will remember him?  The bulletins are a tenuous link with his colleagues he served with in the RAAF.  Brian, our English Rep. says that the membership is depleting because of age but I keep moving the signposts so that the Grim Reaper can't find me. 

All the bulletins are part of my ongoing journal to be handed down and hopefully continued by future generations of my family.  Thank you for the continuing link with the Squadron.  I am sorry that neither 454 nor 459 (because of disbandment) are not acknowledged in the RAF church in London.



If any members of Reg Withers family read this please accept my profound thanks for a beautiful hand knitted layette, sent for my daughter, which she was baptised in.  Maybe 60 years late but sincerely meant.


Thank You.

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The following information supplied by Tom's wife.

R.A.F.  V.R.


Total Service - (enlisted) 25.7.40 - (demobbed) 15.l1.46


Overseas Service 17.3.42 - 30.9.45 SEAC, MEF, CMF.


Medals: Burma Star, Italian Star, Defence Medal, War Medal.


No.13 Air Gunner School Ballah 10.7.44-19.8.44


No 70 OTU Shandur 20.9.44-29.10.44


Crewed with F/S Reg Withers 3.10.44


Member of 454 Sqdn. RAAF DAF, CMF 3.12.44-1.8.45


Summary of flying with Squadron - Total hours 176.30(131.40 day/44.50 night).  Signed by A.J. Smith Sqdn/Ldr O.C."B" Flt. and J. Rees, W/Commander, CO. 454 Sqdn.


As my husbands flying log shows that he was crewed with Reg Withers for his service in the Squadron, I think that their careers ran in tandem.

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