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Flying Officer Kenneth "Ken" Charles Moore NICHOLL

459 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 412628

Date of Birth: 17 Jan 1921

Place of Birth: CAMPSIE, NSW

Date of Enlistment: 20 Jul 1941

Date of Discharge: 6 Dec 1945

Rank: Flying Officer

Date of Death: 21 Jun 1999

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  • FLT CJ (Bill) Collins - Pilot

  • FLT Len Elsner - Navigation/Bomb Aimer (Died 8.11.99)

  • FSgt Ken Nicholl - WAG (Died 21.6.99)

  • FSgt Jack Farland - WAG (Died 21.5.86 - aged 74)

The following information was extracted from the Association's 2000 Bulletin

Ken Nicholl completed an operational tour of duty in 1944 with 459 RAAF Squadron during its Baltimore phase, on maritime search and strike day/night duties around the coast of Southern Greece, Crete and the Aegean Islands.  It had commenced operational duty before Alamein in 1942, later converting to Venturas, and then Baltimores after July, 1944.


No. 459 Squadron was commanded during 1944-45 first by Wing Commander AD (Peter) Henderson and later in 1944 by Wing Commander Charles Payne.  Its duties were to assist in providing pressure on the very extended southern flank of the Allies' assault on Europe, in the Aegean Sea, Crete and southern Greece.  Its earlier 1942 Alamein contribution when flying Hudsons had been magnificent.  Its later work in 1943-44 was equally well recognised as essential in stretching Axis resources to their limits away from the main Allied assaults on Western Europe.


Ken was well known during squadron and post war days as a skilled crew member and a thoroughly responsible and caring colleague.


In post war years he has supported the 454 and 459 RAAF Squadrons' Association's activities and RSL movement in his own quiet and helpful way.

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