Post War Collection
War memorial Canberra 1996
1992 Rededication of 454-459 Richmond
Baber crew recent
Baber crew recent 2
The Mud Hut
Presentation of paintings June 1996
Julie Parsons paintings of planes AWM 1996
Plaque on a monument at Tobruk
Anzac day - Rostron B Collection
Ground crew 50 years on
George Gray at AWM
454 & 459 Plaquest Canberra ACT
454 RAAF Martin Baltimore Plane photo
459 RAAF Lockheed Hudson - 42 -43
459 plaque Canberra ACT Aust
Aerial photo Bardia Harbour
Dedication AWM 31 10 03 Plaques
Dedication Celebratory reception
Dedication AWM Plaques hand shake
454 459 Banner
454 plaque Canberra ACT Aust
Magazine artle re models

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