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Flight Lieutenant William George RAILTON

454 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 112491 RAF

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Date of Enlistment: Unknown

Date of Discharge: Unknown

Rank: Flight Lieutenant

WW2 Honours and Gallantry: Distinguished Flying Cross

Date of Death: 31 May 2008

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On 21st April 1943 one of the first Baltimore aircraft detachments under the command of Flight Lieutenant 'Boots' Bamkin deployed to Misurata, a forward operating base approximately 100 nautical miles east of Tripoli in Libya and much closer to Monty's forward forces.  The maintenance crews had set out by road three weeks prior, but when the squadron moved to Gambut, they had been recalled.  Together with Bamkin were Flying Officer George Railton, Flight Sergeant Paul Bayly and Flight Sergeant 'Paddy' Archer and their respective crews, plus a selection of necessary maintenance staff to permit independent operations.  The conditions at Misurata and Castel Benito a large ex-Italian air base now operated by the Allies near Tripoli, were extremely poor because of ruts allegedly dug by the retreating Germans, innumerable large stones which couldn't be avoided consequently required skilful landing ability.  Despite blowing a tyre on take-off with these dreadful conditions he still successfully landed his kite.

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A letter to the 454-459 Association as follows:

I inform you with much regret the passing of George Railton of 454 Squadron. He died on the 31st of May 2008 after a period of illness.


He is greatly missed by all his family who found him to be a true gentleman and profoundly humble. We were all proud to have known him and spent many wonderful times in his company.




David Railton (grandson)

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