“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

The 454 and 459 Squadrons Association was created to maintain the memory and acknowledge the sacrifices made by our gallant service men and women during WWII. Our mission is to keep their legacy alive as a reminder to future generations.

Over 70 years ago, our members were involved in a war started by tyrant nations.

In the early days of WWII, many nations did not want to get involved. England tried to negotiate with Hitler for the sake of keeping the peace. This didn’t last long as Hitler kept invading more countries.

The US didn’t want to get involved. This also didn’t last long. They tried sanctions (US embargo on Japan’s oil import) but that only served to make Japan more desperate, and we had Pearl Harbour

The more they tried to walk away and appease the tyrants, the more emboldened the tyrants became.

Sadly, the only language a tyrant understand is force. Our brave members understood that gaining freedom from tyranny is more important than capitulating and living under the control of a tyrant. So important even if the price is giving up their lives. 

The war ended with the world vowing never to allow this again. UN and its charter were created for exactly this reason. Many trials were held post war to prosecute the war criminals and send a message that killing innocent civilians is not acceptable. These trials were to serve as a deterrent.


Since WWII many tyrants have tried to invade their weak neighbours and failed. Iraq invaded Kuwait to capture its oil rich resources. Many of the world’s nations stood up to tyrant and within a few weeks Kuwait was free.


If we learnt anything from history is that the only language a tyrant understands is force.     


Here we are 70 years after WWII and the world is once again being challenged by a tyrant regime who feels that it is acceptable to invade a sovereign neighbour, acquire its resources, kill and enslave its innocent civilian population.

Sadly, the world response so far is exactly the same as WWII (condemnations and sanctions). These will not work. Sanctions will only result in more poverty for the Russian people who will need more humanitarian relief. Sanction will only make the Russian tyrant more desperate and use an even more brutal nuclear weapons.

What’s needed is a swift and unified world response to the invasion of Ukraine. Just like Kuwait. The response objective would be to liberate Ukraine (by force if necessary) but stop short of invading Russia.

Many will disagree with this approach in fear of a nuclear war. If we do nothing but sanctions because we’re scared of nuclear war, then we should be prepared to live in fear, and inevitably be enslaved by a tyrant.

As we continue to pray for peace and a speedy resolution to this conflict, we wonder what would our brave men and women who gave up their lives in WWII do?  

If you would like to provide financial support to the Ukrainian civilians, please use any of these links