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Flight Officer Patrick Lawrence RYAN

459 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 421652

Date of Birth: 21 Jul 1917

Place of Birth: OUYEN, VIC

Date of Enlistment: 28 Feb 1942

Date of Discharge: 2 Jan 1946

Rank: Flying Officer

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Crew Baltimore Mk V FA421 'E':
  • F/Sgt K.F. Titley

  • F/O P.L. Ryan

  • F/Sgt R.C. Kidner

  • F/Sgt M.A. Blake

Pat's signature at the top of

the Christmas Menu 1944 (above)

The following message was received from Roy Mahoney:

The above photo must have been taken in their early days as trainee navigators, what puzzles me is - why have they both got their wings on the wrong side of their chest? Be that as it may, Pat Ryan was definitely on 459 as Nav. B and I would have thought he and his crew joined the squadron at about the same time as our crew, St. Jeans on 24.5.44. We did our training on Vega Venturas, but converted almost immediately to Baltimores.  Shortly after 459 moved to Berka 111 at Benghazi, I have a photo of Pat Ryan and Ken Wiblin, which I attach, outside our crew tent L-R- Ken Wiblin Nav. B, Pat Ryan Nav. B, Snowy Turmaine WAG, and Reg Calvert Pilot.  NOTE: all are wearing ties, as were all our crew on a photo taken the same day.  I think we were all dressed up for Christmas Dinner,1944.  Pat Ryan was a frequent visitor to our tent.  As I recall Pat just made it into Air Crew because of his age at the time (30 years).  I can't remember the other members of Pat's crew, but I remember Pat as a quite bloke, a real gentleman, with a great sense of humour.

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