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Leading Aircraftman Ron SPREADBOROUGH

459 RAAF Squadron

Service No. 123576

Date of Birth: 24 Dec 1924

Place of Birth: CLERMONT, QLD

Date of Enlistment: 5 Feb 1943

Date of Discharge: 3 May 1948

Rank: Leading Aircraftman

Date of Death: 11 Sep 2015

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The following information has been supplied by our Hon. Secretary - further to a discussion with Ron Spreadborough.


"It is with regret that I cannot travel long distances to the Sydney Re-Union due to ill health.

Please Note, I feel it was a great honour and privilege to serve on 459 and 450 Squadrons in The Middle East, and later to have flown to Peterborough, England from Italy in a Lancaster Bomber, and later to return to Australia in Durban Castle.


The initial training to become a Flight Mechanic and then Fitter 11E on Avro Ansens, Boomerangs, Baltimores and Kittyhawks, then Mustangs and later a Crew Chief on 86 Wings Transport Squadrons, C47, DC3 aircraft and extensive experience of traveling to Middle East, Italy, UK and  New Guinea, Colombo and islands north of Australia helped me a great deal throughout my working life. 

"Snow Spready"

Ron Spreadborough"

Ron Spreadborough's Artwork

A quarter front view. Ron does these now as a hobby

Ron Spreadborough's Artwork

A side view PN simulated wood grain (all different metals) on top of stump.

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