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WOFF William Garth WARD 

454 RAAF Squadron

Service Number 407979

Date of Birth: 05 Oct 1920

Place of Birth: WALLAROO, SA

Date of Enlistment: 27 Feb 1941

Date of Death: 13 Dec 1943

Rank: Warrant Officer



  • Pilot: Doug Todhunter

  • Navigator: Keith Anderson

  • WAG: Roy Donaldson

  • WAG: William Ward

Below is an extract from "Alamein to the Alps" Page 92 by Mark Lax. 

"On the 13th of December, the Squadron lost yet another veteran crew - Flying Officer Doug Todhunter with navigator, Pilot Officer Keith Anderson and Wireless Op/Air Gunner Warrant Officers Roy Donaldson and Bill Ward. Flying aircraft FW315:F, they set off on a Western Aegean recce and nothing further was heard. Subsequent study into the German records now confirm the crew were shot down by Major Ernst Düllberg, an experten (ace) and commander of Stab III/JG 27, the Me-109 fighter squadron based in the Aegean at the time. Todhunter’s crew loss was the cause of much debate within the Squadron. It was the fifth loss within a month. It was decided that the white aircraft colour scheme while good for anti-submarine work made the aircraft show up too clearly against a background of blue sky or sea and Aegean islands. Enemy fighters and flak could easily pick out the Baltimore’s guppy shape and accordingly, two were flown to 135 Maintenance Unit to be camouflaged grey. Others would soon follow."

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