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Old Video possibly of the 454 Sqn - courtesy of the Australian War Memorial

Stuka_Murray Evans & John McKenzie
Robbie Robinson
Neil McKay and Henry Smith
Bill Hurley and Jack Barker_ Nth.Africa
caught in a draught
Flight formation
Baltimore flown by Ken Crook
Convoy patrol
The end of 'n' for nellie 8 dec 42
459 Ventura FP544 crash_El Adem 24_1_44
F.24 Camera used by the 454 Squadrons for aerial reconnaissance
Stevenson 5
C_Derna Pass Convoy
Crashed Wellington Iraq
Gambut Libya 1943 Laurie Crowhurst & Reg Turner
C_Crashed Blenheim Iraq 1942
C_Gambut Crash
henry reid smith 014 (2)
henry reid smith 018
henry reid smith 026
henry reid smith 023
henry reid smith 027
henry reid smith 030
henry reid smith 031
henry reid smith 073
crash landing
Kalamata bombs hit target smaller photo
Reg Withers in a Baltimore
Mediteranean Sea anti submarine patrol
L-R Ron Squires Bill Jones & NG formation test at Calgary
Falconara Aerodrome actually a mudpatch
Eventful Eve picture
Crew of Eventful Eve
At Cesenatico town
German prisoners we took back to Egypt
Flood in desert
Flood in tent
Jerry eggs
1CO with Winning dog 1943
Refueling in Italian Somaliland
Top Notchers Camp site
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 014
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 015
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 012
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 013
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 011
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 010
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 008
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 001
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 028
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 027
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 025
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 026
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 023
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 021
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 020
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 017
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 016
photos of Jim McHale 459 Sq 018
Bill on a Polish carrier front line
Benghazi 1944 _ 459 in front of Baltimore
Waiting to be called out
Squadron photo
Bill East in the desert
Air crew
Joe Aitken and Bob Norman on newly erected Bailey Bridge
On top of Acropolis
Joe Aitken & Bill outside Imperiale Hotel Athens
JH Simmonds and crew 26 Jan 1945
Group near Imperiale Hotel Athens
German HQ direct hit 16 01 08
Bombing ruins Casino Italy
Front Line Italy
Desert campaign
Bob Norman and Joe outside Coloseum
Bob Norman and Joe Aitken outside Coloseum
Bob Bill and Joe amid the Roman ruins
459 Squadron Benghazi
Grave Sidi Barani Egypt
the plane wreck
On convoy escort
Po Valley_Venice_Multimedia
Returning from Aden
Po Valley_Multimedia
Original crew 459
Pilots compartment Hudson MK 111
Sergeants Mess ME Oct1943 459 Sqd
Symbols for missions
Signage Ancona Italy
454 Group photo outside tent
Silloth England 1942 31 Course Pilots - OTU
Italy soil
Tedder Bomb pattern
The Aussie Club taken in Cairo_Tom Pom
Wing Ops compartment Hudson Mk 111
Villa Orba
Baber Crew
Baber Crew 2
Tom on front of plane
Tom Smiths Two Anecdotes
Ventura about to take off
Baltimore A30
The end of one of our Hudsons
Xmas day service at gambut 1942_459 Sq
01_Martin Baltimore photo
1_6_42 Hudson plane wreck
454 sqdn Villa Orba Baltimore
50th Anniversary Anzac Day March
454 Berka III Italy Campside 1943- July 1944
Waterspout in the Med
454 Squadron Plane Glamorous Greta
459 RAAF Squadron Disbandment 1945 updated July 2006
459 RAAF Lockheed Ventura 1944
459 RAAF Bar
459 on the move to Bengahazi
459 Hudson formation
459 Gambut flood
454 Squadron Plane Just Jane
459 Gambut dust storm
459 Sqdn RAAF Behghazi 1944 Baltimore Role
459 Sgts Mess Members Feb 1943
459 RAAF Groundstaff on arrival in UK
459 Senior NCOs 1943
459 Squadron Benghazi
459 trucks lined up for refueling
459 Squadron M.E.F.  Feb 43 Sports Meeting
459 Squadron A Flight Feb 1943
A Flight taken 19th Feb 1943_Chuck Collins collection
Aussie fliers force-landed in Crete_Wiblin collection
Alexandria Harbour Dec 1943_0506
459 Ventura FP544 crash_El Adem 24_1_44
A completed Bailey Bridge 1944
459 Squadron MEF 1942-43 B Flight Aircrew
459 Trucks on the move
Baltimore Aircraft of 454 Squadron flying over Italy
Baltimore flying
B Flight 459 Squadron 1942_3
Baltimore top view
Bardia resort
Beaufighter flying over Trieste Italy
Boulton Paul Defiant a pair
Blenheim flying sideways
Blenheim 5
Beaufighter flying over Trieste
Blackburn Botha
BFlight_ 459 Xmas 1943
Beaufighter in air
Boulton Paul Defiant
Boulton Paul Defiant gun turret
Boulton Paul G_45 Camera fitted
Casino Italy Bombed out ruins
caught in a draught
C OTU Silloth
Christmas Day Service Gambut 1942_ 459 Sqdn
Cesenatico Italy
Crew of Eventful Eve
engine & propeller of Hudson 459 Sqdn pranged on shipping strike Bardia
Eventful Eve picture
De Haviland Dominie
crashed Baltimore
Commander in the desert
Churchill visit to ME prior to Alamein offfensive
Fairey Battle 1065 HP Rolls Royce Merline Engine
Falconara Aug 1944 standard tent for officers living quarters
Falconara Aerodrome 454 Sqdn Officers Mess under water
Gen Montgomery and AVM C - Imitation by 459
Formation of Baltimores
Gen Montgomery and AVM C
Gilham N
Hudson flying at high level_H Ford
Harvard ready to go
Harvard cockpit
Group 459 awaiting to board Palestine train
Halfaya Pass Gambut_2
Halfaya Pass Gambut
Hudson_ low flight over the sea_H Ford photo
Hudson over the sea
Hudson_Lockheed Wright Cyclone Engines
Interior of old mess during flood Gambut March 1943
Hudsons over the delta
Keelan outside his plane
Kookaburra Casa_454 Squadron
Looking forward
New Zealand Club Cairo Egypt
Members of Sergeants Mess 459_1943
New mess under construction Gambut 1943 459
ME 109 German Fighter found in the desert durng a move
Martin Baltimore
Martin 187 Baltimore specs
Lord Trenchards visit
Looking aft from nose
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