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A word from the Hon Secretary


The Committee has decided to no longer publish our annual newsletter in its current form but rather fully utilise our website and provide relevant updates in a more timely manner going forward.  Over the years the Association has utilised the web platform packed full of information about our two squadrons. The home page will be even more versatile, allowing the latest news & information to be published in one place.

Despite rising costs, we have managed to hold the annual subscription fees at $30 per member for another year through efficiencies in using the website platform. 

The Association is also proud to announce that we have also been able to fund a professional restoration of our Anzac day banner and look forward to unveiling our most important link to our past on Anzac Day

At this juncture the Committee recognises that to remain relevant & viable we need to increase our membership numbers.  Our children need to learn the stories of their forefathers, appreciate the sacrifices they have made for them, and understand the role our organisation plays in keeping alive their stories and memories for future generations. Please encourage them to attend the Anzac Day March and the reunion lunch afterwards at Bungalow8.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Hon Secretary - Rick Capel

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