Anzac day 2008 Collection
01_Forming up JMK
John Rich and Felicity
02_forming up JMK
06_Tony Martin in wheelchair
04_Russ Carter Alex Fitzsimmns Doug Law braving the elements
05_Jack Shipway & Jenny Huxley
07_Pam Larson_daughter of Cec Brownlie_pianist 459_husband John
08_John MacMahon & friends
09_The Martin boys
10_Doug Hutchinson and others
11_Doug Hutchinson
12_Doug Robert and Dr Kroll
13_Speech time 01
14_speechtime 02
15_speechtime 03
16_Shipway Fitzsimmons and Titley
16_Shipway Gillies and Titley
17_Marg McKenzie & sister Margaret
18_Jo Hennock Joan Gray and Jill Lord
19_speeches 03
20_Russ Carter and Alex Fitzsimmons
20_Russ Carter and D Gillies
21_John Ennis daughters LR Beth Gallimore and Barbara Small
Penny Melinda Troy and Nathan
2008 March Information RSLs