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Leading Aircraftman Tom DAVIES

454 RAAF Squadron

Service Number 1401327

Date of Death: 20 Apr 2015


Below are short summary of Tom’s war diary, provided by his son David Davies


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Originally joining RAF and based at St Athan South Wales UK


From  1942 West Kirby training joined Llewelyn Williams joined the Pasteur (ship) departing From Glasgow to South Africa  shipped in Durban based for 3 weeks in Clarewood/Claremount.  Then sailed on Scythia to Port Tewfik Egypt arrived July based along the Nile in September new CO Wing Commander Campbell no planes.


Moved to Nahariya 30 miles from Tel Aviv various members of squadrons loaned out to other Squadrons 454 still non operational  one morning Wing co said had “real job” to do as a squadron based then RAF Habbaniya at last 1st 2 planes arrived 2 Blenheim mark 1’s followed by 6 Mark 5’s

Jan 1943 moved to Landing Ground 91 near Alexandria Eygpt now with Baltimores.


Member of Squadron killed by Raiding Bedouin intruder raided camp the next day to find lots of stolen cutlery, boots and guns.


April moved via Mersa Matruh, El Alamein, to Gambut. Neighboured 203 squadron.  Squadron involved in many escort convoys. F L Bamkin and crew  died in flying accident on take off. Lord Tranchard visits squadron. One pilot reported lost turned out was Prisoner of War in Italy. End of July Squadron stood down for rest period back to  Landing ground 91 Amariya. Tom Davies played cricket for 454  and was wicket keeper social time with neighbouring squadron 38.


1944 squadron split dad went home Jan 31 in Dakotas via Cairo then the SS Stirling Castle awarded Africa Star medal back in Uk. Then sent to Norway based in Bodo friend Johnny Maloney with Tom Davies then back to England joined his friend Jonny Jones who had just come back from service in Italy with 454 that had now disbanded.

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