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Pilot Officer Reginald Horatio (Reg) NOSSITER

459 RAAF Squadron

Service Number 411432

Date of Birth: 16 Dec 1914

Place of Birth: BOMADERRY, NSW

Date of Enlistment: 28 Apr 1941

Date of Discharge: 16 Jan 1946

Rank: Flight Lieutenant

Date of Death: 31 Jul 2002

Reg Nossiter smiling
Reg Nossiters crew
Nossiter ready to go in Harvard
Harvard flying
Planes flown
Record of Service 0606
Exam 1
exam 5
Flying low over the sea
Reg Nossiter & tony
Jerry eggs
Top Notchers Camp site
Flood in desert
Flood in tent
1CO with Winning dog 1943
Jeff Ashford & Sharpend dog
top notchers
Canada 6 _ 1942
459 Squadron M.E.F. 1942-43 Sports Meet Sgt. Harry Hawkins - shot put
Sgt Tony Martin at the M.E.F.
Roy Tier - making the book
Refueling in Italian Somaliland
Refueling in Italian Somaliland_2
Bill Gregory and Nossiter
Clapped out pilots  Nossiter Toby Nicols Tony Martin
pilot Trent
Joy & Reg Nossiter in 2000
Nossiter and Penny 2001
Penny Griffiths Anzac day 2006
Penny Griffiths speech
Anzac Day 2007 - Trent Griffiths
Anzac Day 2007 - Penny's daughter
Dakota Joy Blake
Dakota Joy Blake
Dakota Joy Blake
Dakota Joy Blake
Dakota Joy Blake
Penny & Tom the Pom at RAF War Museum Hendon UK 2008
Noggin & Natter, Firecrest Pub,Wendover,  Bill, Loraine,Janet, Penny & Tom
Anzac 2009
Dakota Dec 2009
Latest great grand-daughter
Great grand-daughter - Dakota aged 3
Mikayka 18 months
Dakota 2014

Reg Nossiter commenced his Air force career

on June 26th, 1941 at No.10 E.F.T.S. Temora, NSW. 

His service took him to No.14 S.F.T.S. - Aylmer, Ontario;

No.11 A.F.U. Shawbury, Shropshire, England;

No. 1 O.T.U. Silloth, England, 200 Squadron, Waterloo, Sierra Leone, 459 Squadron - Middle East, 75 O.T.U. Gianaclis, G.R.S Bairnsdale, Vic, H.B.R.T.U. - Nadzab, New Guinea, 23 Squadron - Darwin, 21 Squadron - Darwin, Moratai, Tocumwal.


He was officially discharged on 3lst December, 1945.  Reg Nossiter flew many different aircraft during his career, namely the Tiger Moth (D.H.82), Harvard (N.A.I.6),  Yale (N.A.64 P.F.), Oxford Twin, Hudson Mk. I, Hudson Mk. V,Hudson Mk. VI, Hudson Mk.III, Baltimore I, Anson, Blenheim V, Baltimore II, Baltimore III, Baltimore III A, Ventura P.V. I, Wellington, Liberator B24. Pilot


* lst operational tour 459 Squadron - Hudsons.


* 2nd operational tour *23 RAAF Liberator B24 (4.12.42 to 23.02.43)

* 21 RAAF Liberator B24 (3.3.44 to 31.12.45).


His 459 crew consisted of   Pilot:F/Lt. Reg Nossiter.

                                        Nav: F/O Litchfield.

                                        WAGS: SGTs. Penman, Carter, Purcell.


He spoke very little about the War, but often spoke with high regard of his best mates, Tony Martin, John McKenzie, Ross Rasheed, Pat Unwin and Sep Owen.


Sadly he passed away on 31/7/02 and was survived by his wife Joy (now deceased), one son and two daughters.

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