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Flight Sergeant Arthur George SCHWAGER

459 RAAF Squadron

Schwager AG Portrait.jpg

Service No. 402008

Date of Birth: 28 Feb 1921

Place of Birth: WEE WAA, NSW

Date of Enlistment: 28 Apr 1940

Date of Death: 18 Aug 1942 (Alamein, Egypt Col 265)

Rank: Flight Sergeant

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Crew Hudson "S" (V9030) - 15 Jun 1942 Operation "Vigorous"
  • Sgt. J. Cadell
  • Sgt. J. Sullivan
  • Sgt. D. Neal
  • Sgt. A. Schwager
Details of operation "Vigorous" can be found in the book "Desert Scorpions - A History of 459 Squadron RAAF 1942-1945" by Leon Kane-Maguire pages 107-113
The image of F/S Schwager was obtained courtesy of the Australian War Memorial
Below are images of a letter provided to us by Jack Schwager (Flight Sergeant Schwager was his great great uncle)   
Here is a letter he wrote to my great grandmother, his brothers wife. It can be difficult to read in some areas. He makes mention of the blackout in England and other interesting areas. I am most interested in the two people he mentions, an Aussie Charlie Reed (who he was with in England), and a Maori Tarkarariki (I think thats how he has spelled it - but he also says he could have spelt it incorrectly) who I think he spent time with in Canada training. He signs the letter off as mate, his nickname back at home.

If any one as any information on what or how we could trace these men, please contact the Association

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